ES6 Node New Things

3 Parts of this article and he will tell us full use of javascript es6.

Part 1:  Link

This article will cover three of the more popular ES2015 features available in Node:

  • Block scoping with let and const;
  • Arrow functions; and
  • Shorthand properties & methods.


Part 2: Link

This article will take a close look at the basic use of ES2015’s class keyword, from the perspective of its relation to prototypes. We’ll cover:

  • Defining and instantiating classes;
  • Creating subclasses with extends;
  • super calls from subclasses; and
  • Examples of important symbol methods.


Part 3: Link

In this article, we’ll take a look at a smattering of such goodies:

  • New collections: map, weakmap, set, and weakset
  • Most of the new String methods; and
  • Template literals.




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